The Picture-Perfect Palouse

Welcome to the picture-perfect Palouse, my home since 1979.

First-time visitors to the Palouse region describe our undulating Palouse landscapes as peaceful, tranquil, unlike any other place they’ve seen.  If you would truly understand the beauty of the Palouse, you must visit the Palouse, drive its paved roads and dirt roads (some 2000 miles’ worth, and discover its singular charms. Until then, an amuse-bouche to whet your appetite, a small sample of what awaits you here in our special corner of the world.

Kamiak Butte, located between the cities of Pullman and Palouse, is a favorite spot for hiking, picnicking, bird and wildlife viewing.
Spring contours and seeding tracks
Antique farm machinery, iron wheels, and hand tools are among the artifacts you’ll find adorning rural fields and lawns.


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