Driving the Back Roads of Whitman County

“CAUTION: PRIMITIVE ROAD”  When you see one of these warning signs in your travels through the Palouse, better  take that “Caution” seriously. The road will look something like the ones pictured above and below: dry Palouse clay dirt, often rutted and not infrequently littered with chunks of basalt large enough to tear up the bottom of … More Driving the Back Roads of Whitman County

Photoshopping the Palouse

The Palouse is so naturally photogenic, anyone with a camera can capture many beautiful landscapes, rustic barns, old homesteads, funky old trucks, and picture-perfect postcard scenes with relative ease. A drive down any of its backroads affords endless opportunities for stopping and shooting. But the fact is, photographers love tinkering with their images. Some are … More Photoshopping the Palouse

Harvest Moon Dreamscape

It’s always fun to capture a full moon rising behind some scenic Palouse landscape. Vantage points are numerous, given the relative scarcity of trees, so such scenes also provide the photographer with opportunities to experiment with various presentations. This particular pre-harvest night, a friend and I ventured north of Palouse, WA to a spot where … More Harvest Moon Dreamscape

Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park – Declared Washington State’s “Official Waterfall” in 2014, the 200-foot Palouse Falls is the centerpiece of this 105-acre state park located 18 miles (driving distance – about a 30-minute drive) southeast of Washtucna, in the channeled scablands of the Palouse region. Its most distinctive geologic features are the rugged cliffs and columns … More Palouse Falls State Park